Bombay Cuisine

Toftes gate 19 B, 0556 Oslo

På hjørnet, et halvt kvartal opp fra Ringen kino / Sannergaten
Telefon 47 44 22 51

Oslo øst Sandaker Torshov Indisk Singh Tandoori
Eksempler fra menyen
Supper og forretter49 - 109
Hovedretter129 - 229
Desserter49 - 79
Priser i NOK pr. 14.03.2017
Mr. SinghKjøkkensjef2013

Egen presentasjon

Indian food is as popular as anything else in that country. Our aim is to provide you the versatile varieties of the best ingredients at the best prices in our restaurant that everyone can homely enjoy and celebrate eating.

Bombay Cuisine is always dedicated to serve the freshest Indian food to our customers in various way of consuming them. Our kitchen chefs are highly experience and professional of preparing best Indian foods:  Our Tandoor chef makes varieties of their ingredients using different spices and herbs to make it extremely flavorful and hygienic who have 30 years of experience of preparing best Tandoori dishes, which is basically popular in Northern India.

A visit to Bombay Cuisine is somehow travelling to modern India to get some flavor of India. The restaurant is decorated with Indian artifacts and colorful hand-embroidered designed in the walls. Customers can enjoy Indian food with soft and traditional Indian music in a peace environment. We present the best and most exciting of Indian cuisine.

Bombay Cuisine
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