Urban eatery

Henrik Ibsens gate 90, 0255 Oslo

Telefon 94 15 48 78

Solli plass Oslo vest Oslo Amerikansk Asiatisk

Asiatisk street food på amerikansk vis ved Solli plass.

Eksempler fra menyen
Lunsj78 - 175
Små retter78 - 132
Street food - større porsjoner169 - 239
Desserter98 - 109
Viner445 - 895
Priser i NOK pr. 25.01.2016

Egen presentasjon

Urban eatery is our flirt with the asian cuisine and culture. Our interpretation of street food and what we like, we cook and we serve it the way we mean tastes the best. The size of the dishes is adjusted to fit into a modern meal where you might share it at the table or have it all to yourself. Either way, we recommend that you let us serve some of the food at different times for your best experience. The staff is amazing and have great knowledge of the koncept, they will gladly help you if you let them.

Urban eatery
Sist oppdatert 15.11.2017