Restaurant Stallen

Underhaugsveien 28, 0354 Oslo

Underhaugsveien like ved Bogstadveien.
Telefon 45 84 17 55

Møllergata Oslo Nordisk Norsk

Hovedvekt på lokale ingredienser med erfaring fra topp-kjøkken verden over. Intimt, sesongmeny.

Eksempler fra menyen
16-20 retters sesongmeny1495
Drikkemeny uten alkohol795
Priser i NOK pr. 07.10.2019
Sebastian MyhreKjøkkensjef2019

Egen presentasjon

We have taken a little step back from chasing ingredients and flavours from around the world.

Took a good look around us, and focused on our own traditions, food culture and powerful nature.

Our “story” is based upon our own grown ingredients, as well as collaborations with selected farmers and fishermen. They are mostly located in Norway, but we also look around in the whole Nordic region. There is only a handful of exceptions outside the Nordic boarders, but we strive to find good substitutes for these as we go.
We wish to create an amazing dining experience displaying the best local ingredients we can find, and combine that with the techniques from several years of cooking around the world.
The menu is a journey through our story. Told with between 16 and 20 servings in our seasonally adaptive menu. Depending on what our wonderful nature has to offer.

Restaurant Stallen
Sist oppdatert 07.10.2019