El Camino

Behrens Gate 8, 0256 OSLO

Ved hjørnet av Behrens gate og Niels Juels gate.
Telefon 22 44 22 98

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Burrito, taco, bowl136
Chips & guacamole49
Chips & salsa44
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All meats, tofu and veggies are barbecued in our Josper charcoal grill. Smells incredible. Looks delicious . Tastes amazing.
So, what do you get at El Camino?
Healthy, simple and delicious ingredients served at a fast pace, with a laid back Baja vibe. Customize your burrito, taco or bowl so its exactly how you like it!  Everything is fresh - Always

El Camino
Sist oppdatert 15.11.2015