Dining in Oslo

Restaurants in Norway are generally more expensive than restaurants in other European contries, even in Sweden and Denmark. A few restaurants will provide good value for your money compared to Continental restaurants.

Look for seafood restaurants, menus with innovative courses and a high level of precision. The idea being that you pay little or nothing extra for service of extraordinary quality. On the other hand, you may easily pay a lot extra for average food and service - as in most countries.

Norwegian specialities
Fårikål / Farikal - mutton and cabbage stew. Autumn season.
Rakfisk - fermented fresh water fish. Christmas season.
Tilslørte bondepiker / Tilslorte bondepiker - dessert of apple, whipped cream and roasted bread crumbs. Autumn season

Norwegian produce
Geitost - sweet beadspread made of milk.
Local cheeses made from non-pasteurized milk.
Local apple juices.
Spekesild - cured heering.
Klippfisk - dried cod.
Aqua Vita - potato based spirit. Seasoned with caraway and a great variety of other herbs.
Seafood in general.

Oslo restaurant open summer 2013

Eat good food and pay less during summer in Oslo. Avoid tourist traps. Choose good restaurants down town or charming restaurants in quiet surroundings on the fjord or even on a small island minutes away from central Oslo. In the list below are centrally located restaurants listed from the top. The last four restaurant are simple and good restaurants close to the water.


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